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Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

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Ensuring that young people have the right tools to make healthy, responsible decisions is an investment in the future. Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programs (APPP) across North Carolina provide essential education, support academic achievement, encourage parent/teen communication, promote responsible citizenship, and build self confidence among their participants.

Agencies funded to implement an APPP project are required to use approaches to teen pregnancy prevention that have been shown to be effective at delaying sexual initiation, improving contraceptive use, and/or reducing adolescent pregnancy. Download a list of fundable pregnancy prevention program models (PDF, 297 KB).

In addition, agencies may consider enhancing the chosen program model by adding any of the following components: academic assistance, parent involvement, service learning, career awareness, job skills development, individual counseling, linkages with medical and preventive health services and information, cultural enrichment, and recreation.

The success of APPP depends not only on the commitment of the funded agency, but also on the support of the community and the cooperation of other agencies such as local health departments, social services agencies, and public schools.

APPP in Your Community

To find out if there is an APPP in your community, please check the list of currently funded programs (PDF, 90 KB). If not, please contact your local health department about teen pregnancy prevention programs that they may provide. For additional information about the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, please contact us.






Updated: September 20, 2019